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What should I feed my dog who is vomiting?

First time dog owners may feel some panic whenever a dog vomits or suffers from loose stool, but it’s an unfortunate incident that most dogs experience from time to time. It’s important to identify the cause of vomiting before deciding to give him anything.

In fact, you must withhold all food and liquids for the first two hours after vomiting. It’s likely that your dog may expel it all out again, causing him to become even more dehydrated. After a few hours have passed, you can give him a light, bland meal, such as boiled chicken with rice to help his stomach settle.

In many cases, the vomiting doesn’t even require a vet visit. I find that my dog vomits if he tends to run or play right after a meal, or if I accidentally fed him too much. It also happens whenever he drinks too much water after running. Of course, be sure he hasn’t ingested something poisonous or has been lethargic before dismissing a vet visit.

However, if your pup happens to be very young and there have been more vomiting episodes, it’s important to take him to the vet immediately, since puppies are more susceptible to dehydration.
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09/01/2020 00:03
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